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This course is designed to teach students how to effectively race a K1 Storm Go-Kart while also working with a team of students to properly and safely operate a race track. During this class students will learn core concepts about kart assembly, safety while being on the track, proper inspection and maintenance of the race track and STORM karts, effective communication while working on a race track team, and an overall vision of how and why someone would race professionally. The Multidisciplinary Aspects of this course include group communication, history of racing, auto-technology, math, performance racing, safety, maintenance, and prevention. Throughout the semester students will be able to race both individually to grab a personal course record, as well as in a group to experience the thrill of racing together in a tournament style set-up. Students will also get a chance to work on the K1 Storm Go-Karts to gain experience when working on automobiles. Appropriate racing attire required for class; Close toed shoes required; Please refrain from loose clothing and items that may get caught while out on the track.

Teacher: Nick Cummings

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